How to push GitLab CE master branch to all remotes.

The source code of GitLab is available on multiple servers (with as the canonical source). Synchronization between the repo's is done by the lead developer if there is no rush. This happens a few times per workday on average. If somebody else with access to all repo's wants to do it the instructions are below. This is just to distribute changes, not to make them.

Add this to .bashrc or your dotfiles

gpa ()
  git push origin ${1:-master} && git push gh ${1:-master} && git push gl ${1:-master}

Then add remotes to your local repo

cd my-gitlab-ce-repo

git remote add origin
git remote add gh
git remote add gl

Push to all remotes


Yanking packages from

In case something went wrong with the release and there is a need to remove the packages you can yank the packages by following the procedure described in package cloud documentation.

You need to have:

  1. package_cloud gem installed (sudo gem install package_cloud)
  2. Email and password for
  3. Make sure that you are supplying the url to (default is

Example of yanking a package:

package_cloud yank --url gitlab/gitlab-ce/el/6 gitlab-ce-7.10.2~omnibus-1.x86_64.rpm

If you are attempting this for the first time the output will look something like:

Looking for repository at gitlab/gitlab-ce... No config file exists at /Users/marin/.packagecloud. Login to create one.

Got your token. Writing a config file to /Users/marin/.packagecloud... success!
Attempting to yank package at gitlab/gitlab-ce/el/6/gitlab-ce-7.10.2~omnibus-1.x86_64.rpm...done!