How to create RC1

The RC1 release comes with the task to update the installation and upgrade docs. Be mindful that there might already be merge requests for this on GitLab or GitHub.

1. Update the installation guide

  1. Check if it references the correct branch x-x-stable (doesn't exist yet, but that is okay)
  2. Check the GitLab Shell version
  3. Check the Git version
  4. There might be other changes. Ask around.

2. Create update guides

Follow this guide to create update guides.

3. Code quality indicators

Make sure the code quality indicators are green / good.

  • Build status on (master branch)

  • Build Status (master branch)

  • Code Climate

  • Dependency Status this button can be yellow (small updates are available) but must not be red (a security fix or an important update is available)

  • Coverage Status

4. Run release tool

Make sure EE master has latest changes from CE master

Get release tools

git clone
cd release-tools

Release candidate creates stable branch from master. So we need to sync master branch between all CE, EE and CI remotes.

bundle exec rake sync

Create release candidate and stable branch:

bundle exec rake release["x.x.0.rc1"]

Now developers can use master for merging new features. So you should use stable branch for future code changes related to release.